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The speed requirements for a Home Agent position are 1.2 Mbps download and 0.4 Mbps upload. Test your internet speed by clicking the button below.

The Ookla Speed Test requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client


Download and Upload Speeds

Our ISP speed requirements are a service providing 400 kbps (0.4 Mbps) upload and 1.2 Mbps download. To meet the speed required for a Home Agent position, your test must return a minimum of 0.40 Mbps upload and 1.20 Mbps download speed.


Latency is a measure of the delay in routing a packet from point A back to point B. The number displayed is measured by the PING test displayed in the testing screen.

The largest contributor to latency is caused by network transmission delay. Latency affects dynamics of conversations and is used to evaluate voice quality.

With latencies above 300 milliseconds, users may experience poor voice quality using voice over IP for calls. Before applying for a Home Agent position, you should ensure that your internet service provider is able to provide a service to your home of less than 180ms of latency.


0 - 180 milliseconds

Warning / Suspect:

181 - 500 milliseconds

Not Acceptable:

Greater than 500 milliseconds

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Your detailed results will be displayed here when the test completes.